Russell Sage College Physical Education Professor Scott Doig (right) shakes hand with Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León Sports Science Program Director Rubén Ramírez Nava (left).

Scott Doig, Ph.D., assistant professor of physical education at Russell Sage College’s Esteves School of Education, recently traveled to the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Monterrey, Mexico, to participate in a program review of the university’s physical education and sports science programs. 

The Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León is the third-largest public university in Mexico. The program review is one of Dr. Doig’s annual activities as a member of its Faculty of Sports Organization advisory council. As a council member, Dr. Doig collaborates with international colleagues to help UANL grow its physical education and sports science offerings on its campus and through exchange programs. 

“One of the exciting things about my work in Mexico is that it offers a possible future partnership that can bring new students and new ideas to the Sage campuses,“ Dr. Doig said. 

Dr. Doig teaches in Sage’s Physical Education bachelor’s program and School Health Education master’s program. He looks forward to involving Sage students in his upcoming research projects, one examining how physical activity affects mental health for nurses, and another investigating how physical literacy in early childhood settings can support long-term academic success. 

Both upcoming projects will involve collaborations on and beyond Sage’s campuses. 

“I’m a big proponent of trying to reach outside the doors of my own institution, as well as outside my own program,” said Dr. Doig. “Research has shown that if you work with people that aren’t within your own silo, it improves your work, helps you think of more creative ideas and provides a better product overall.” 

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