College students and faculty dressed in commencement gowns singing behind a podium.
Singing the Russell Sage alma mater at the 2023 Honors Convocation ceremony on April 26, 2023. (Photo by Tamara Hansen)

More than 50 students were recognized at the annual Honors Convocation ceremony, which followed the Undergraduate Research Day on April 26, 2023, at the Armory on Russell Sage’s Albany campus.

The 2022 Faculty Member of the Year, Marci Murphy, assistant professor of biology and health sciences, addressed the crowd, and Lynn Capirsello, an assistant professor of interior and spacial design, was announced as the 2023 recipient of the Faculty of the Year Award.

The student award recipients were:

Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Rebecca Sauer

William F. and Mary C. Kahl Award for Valedictorian

Jacqueline Hilliard

William F. and Mary C. Kahl Award for Salutatorian

Department of Biology and Health Sciences

Zahra Arshad 

Nancy G. Slack Award

Brooke Martinez

Outstanding Student Award in Health Sciences

Julia Gerringer

Bhatt Award in Biology 

Jaynie Sardos

McMorran Biology Award

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Haneefa Etimady 

Stedman Award 

Sophie Macner

Van Dervoort Memorial Award

Husna Majid 

Chemistry Majors of the Class of 1965 Award

Danielle Williams

Chemistry Majors of the Class of 1965 Award

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Thomas Carney 

Outstanding Student in History (Charles and Helen Upton Award)

Hayden Crandall 

Dorothy Slocum RSC 1921 Sociology Award Fund

Hayden Crandall

Linda and Peter Hoffman Award in Sociology

Hassatou Diallo

Chavez-King Award

Ryann Hotaling

Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice (Douglas E. Stanley Criminal Justice Award)

Renna Poulin

June Joyce Herron Award for Excellence in English

Douglas Sato 

Cynthia Crocco Spector ’74 and Dr. Sherman David Spector Fellowship 

Douglas Sato 

Nancy Parker Neumann Memorial Travel Award

Delicia Thomas 

Donald and Denise Meservey Award

Aryanna Zeigler 

Dr. Virginia L. Radley Memorial Prize in English 

Laura Zinzow

Linda and Peter Hoffman Award in Sociology for Pre-Social Work

Department of Management 

John Coddington

Eli Werlin Award

Anija Jacotin

Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance Award

Su Meh

UHY LLP Award Fund in Memorial of Sidney and Michael Urach Fund

John O’Brien

Ruth C. Eyres Award

Michael Oddo

Outstanding Student in Business (Edna Sniffen Travis Award)

Adeline Potter

Marion Eldon Dollard Award

Ronnell Royall, Jr.

Outstanding Student Award in Sport and Recreation Management

Department of Nursing

Diana Ferrotti

Martha Karp Palmer Award

Jake Franchi 

Gertrude E. Hodgman Award

Benjamin Meehan

M. Grace Jorgensen Nursing Achievement Award

Zia Morter

Lewis Karp Award

Saleen Ramos 

Bellevue Hospital Nursing Award 

Eric Sharer 

Outstanding Student in Nursing (Olga Andruskiw Award)

Department of Nutrition

Allison Dordon

Nina Marinello Leadership Award in Nutrition Science

Department of Professional Education Programs

Mackenzie Carpenter

Outstanding Student in Education (Frances P. Healy Award)

Renna Poulin

Outstanding Student in Education (Frances P. Healy Award)

Mia Unverzagt

Outstanding Student in Physical Education (Helen E. Luffman Award)

Department of Psychology

Noora Ahmed

Phyllis Van Vleet Psychology Award for Academic Excellence

Hayden Crandall

Phyllis Van Vleet Psychology Award for Academic Excellence 

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Bibi Ahmad 

Martin J. Gieschen Award

Elizabeth Broderick

Bruce Rainer Award in Theatre

Regina Desrosiers

Kathryn Gale Award in Music

Alexandra Frisbie 

Edilberto B. Olimpo JCA ’88 Award

Kathryn Flood

Outstanding Student Award in Expressive Arts in Mental Health

Victoria Garcia 

Susan Krauss Russell Award in Visual and Performing Arts

Ja’Deana Cognetta-Whitfield

Outstanding Student in Art + Extended Media (Usher Fine Arts Award)

Division of Academic Affairs 

Natali Cobb

Scrimshaw/Stern Travel Awards

Kaitlin Czerow

Scrimshaw/Stern Travel Awards

Jessica Fiori

Scrimshaw/Stern Travel Awards

Victoria Garcia

Scrimshaw/Stern Travel Awards

My Grumbling

Scrimshaw/Stern Travel Awards

Adam Lambert

Scrimshaw/Stern Travel Awards

Alisa James-Polite

Returning Woman Award

Angelina Schaefer

Phi Kappa Phi Award

Division of Student Life

Mena Abdelmeged

Cogswell Award

Douglas Sato 

Edwin Evans Award for Leadership


Noora Ahmed 

Helen Marx Harris ’26 Library Research Award

Hayden Crandall

Helen Marx Harris ’26 Library Research Award

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