About Alexys Hutchins 

When Alexys Hutchins received Russell Sage College’s Student Sage merit award as a high school junior, she was honored to be recognized for her academic achievement.

“I feel like Sage picked me,” said Alexys. “It was really cool to get that award, and I visited — and it just clicked.”

Alexys entered Sage as an undecided major with a strong interest in the Interior + Spatial design program.

But as she took general education classes and spoke with professors that first year, she realized that her desire to help people discover their perfect living space was more aligned with the real estate field. 

She decided on a Business major.

“I’ve had really good bonds with each of my business professors,” she said.

Because Sage is a small school, she’s had several professors more than once and has grown comfortable approaching them for guidance on school work, of course, but also life outside of school. 

 Alexys said those conversations with professors about “real life” have been as valuable as the curriculum and helped her feel confident as she takes big steps toward her professional goals.   

She’s landed a summer internship at a real estate firm, working on marketing projects and managing its social media accounts, and she’s started the process to become a licensed realtor. 

Her Business education also helped her stand out at the popular local restaurant where she was a hostess. 

Her supervisor at the restaurant knew about her Business major and asked her to talk through some business ideas. Shortly afterward, Alexys was promoted to assistant manager.

Alexys is looking forward to graduating in December 2021, and starting her career in real estate. But she’s looking back with appreciation, too.  

“I’ve met the most amazing people, professors and friends. The friends I’ve made at Sage, I know will be forever friends. I think it’s cool that Sage brought us all together.”

“The fact that we went through COVID during school has made us a very special group,” she continued. “Even the time I couldn’t spend on campus, I was still happy to be ‘at Sage.’” 


“I've had really good bonds with each of my business professors.”

Alexys Hutchins