About Antonino Fazio

It can make you feel tired just listening to all that Antonino Fazio is doing.

In his senior year at Sage as a Business Administration major, Antonino is working three days a week at an insurance agency, while doing the training required to be a nationally-ranked powerlifter.

What does powerlifting training at that level require?

Well, first of all, it means Antonino is eating six meals a day. Then there’s the time he spends doing stretching exercises to avoid injury, and the one to two hours a day of lifting. 

Which is what it took for Antonino to place second this year in the USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals. And what it’s going to take, and more, if he’s going to be a member of the USA Powerlifting national team and compete at an international level.

But back to Sage.

What does Antonino see as the strengths of the college?

“It’s the small classes,” he says. “And the way you get to know all your teachers. When I competed at the nationals all of my teachers reached out to me afterwards, to say congratulations. That’s just the way it is here. Your professors will do anything for you.”

Antonino also appreciates how he’s gotten a solid background in business, everything from how to act in a business setting, to a sense of legal issues, as well as how to be a leader.

Also, there’s the fact that his internship has led to the job in insurance and the offer of a full-time position once he graduates.

“I feel very fortunate to have that opportunity,” he says. 

Antonino also appreciates how Sage became a place where he grew in personal confidence, and overcame the shyness he felt in high school.

“I made quite a few friends here,” he says. “I made life-long friends.”

“I made quite a few friends here. I made life-long friends.”

Antonino Fazio