About ZaQuan Irby

When ZaQuan Irby first arrived at Sage, after completing his associate degree, he couldn’t believe the relationships Sage professors had with their students. It wasn’t at all what he was used to seeing.

More to the point, he couldn’t believe how close he got with his own professors. “There were probably three of them who had my cell phone number,” he remembers. “That’s crazy. But that’s what Sage is like.”

By the time he’d landed at Sage, ZaQuan already had his career goals pretty well set. He wanted to coach and teach physical education. But Sage put him on the fast track to achieving those goals. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Physical education and a master’s degree in School Health Education.

“I was challenged both in and outside the classroom,” he says. “And I got the opportunity to see different types of teaching situations in both urban and suburban environments.”

One of his internships, at Shaker High School in Latham, New York, led to him getting a full-time job offer after graduation.

“That’s unheard of,” ZaQuan says, “getting hired that fast in this competitive market.”

In addition to teaching, ZaQuan also has his own business as a certified speed and agility specialist, advising and training athletes in sports nutrition, strength, speed and agility.

He also feels like he’s putting the pieces in place to accomplish something that matters a lot to him personally – to help young people learn how to make the most of their lives.

He’s doing for his students what Sage did for him.

“When you get that one-on-one time like I did at Sage,” he says. “That makes a big difference.”

“When you get that one-on-one time like I did at Sage, that makes a big difference.”

ZaQuan Irby