A BFA program for Innovative Artists with Creative Hunger

Art is not an elective, but instead a passion that needs cultivation. As a student in Russell Sage College’s Art + Extended Media program, you’ll grow and refine your studio art practice. You’ll prepare to be an active leader and contributor in artistic communities beyond your college experience.


Art + Extended Media is a BFA program in studio art where students explore all types of media. You’ll take risks and fail successfully, all in the name of making amazing artwork. You’ll become as fluent creating with a computer as you are creating with your hands. Our students develop authentic, original voices as they learn to redefine what’s possible in the arts, the industry and beyond.

The Art + Extended Media BFA program emphasizes a strong studio practice. Following foundation year courses, you’ll receive a studio space. Sophomores, juniors and seniors meet together in a studio seminar course where they refine their art practice. Our goal is that students understand who they are as artists and why they make art.

We believe that an art practice should be well-rounded, where students can answer conceptual challenges with many skills. Our students take courses from the Graphic + Media Design and Interior Design programs, making Art + Extended Media a unique BFA in studio art where physical and digital art-making go hand-in-hand.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Faculty

Art + Extended Media faculty members exhibit their work nationally and internationally, and contribute to arts institutions in Albany, Troy and surrounding areas. Faculty members also engage in their own art practice alongside students, which promotes an enriching community of learning beyond the classroom. 

Because Russell Sage is a small school, you’ll have the advantage of working with professors who get to know you and your goals, offer constructive critiques as you grow as an artist and help you identify fulfilling opportunities while you are a student and even after you graduate.

Everything to fulfill your creative passion

Our Art + Extended Media BFA program emphasizes a strong, well-rounded studio practice. 

You’ll have the opportunity to explore clay, metal and wood in our sculpture facilities. In printmaking, you’ll create works through relief, etching and screenprinting processes. We also maintain a black and white darkroom that students experiment with as early as their first year. Our drawing and painting studios offer the space and light for realizing whatever challenge you take on. You’ll receive a studio space following your foundation year, where you’ll exercise the techniques you’ve explored and develop the concepts that will drive your authentic voice.

You’ll also have easy access to digital fabrication equipment like 3D printers, a laser cutter and vacuum former. Large format printers, Wacom Cintiq displays, scanners and audiovisual equipment are all available through the Art + Design Technology Center

Lost in Art is just one of several student groups you can join. Lost in Art is an extension of the Art + Extended Media program and invites all Sage students to workshops, mural painting, exhibitions and other events that celebrate visual art. You may also serve on the editorial staff or publish your work in Vernacular, a student-run art and literature publication and campus tradition for more than 50 years. 

Two on-campus gallery spaces provide you with the chance to develop and curate shows, experiment with installations, and exhibit your  work. 

And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with Russell Sage College’s entire Art + Design department and members of Albany and Troy’s creative communities through artist lectures, events and exhibitions at the Opalka Gallery.

“Russell Sage College is a great place to explore the potential of your ideas …”

William Fillmore, MFA
Assistant Professor of 3D and Extended Media

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Your Future

You’ll graduate from the Art + Extended Media BFA program with an authentic studio practice and the critical thinking, aesthetic, technical and professional skills for success in a variety of creative careers.

Careers in the Visual Arts

Our graduates get great jobs in community arts organizations, museums and galleries, educational institutions, communication agencies and design firms, and many other settings.

Recent graduates are working as professional artists, teachers, as a graphic designer at Audible, lead artist at Vicarious Visions and videographer and photographer at YTK Photography & Film.

Graduate Studies

A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree or Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) is the next step for many Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates who want to continue their education.

BFA Learning Experience

As a student in Russell Sage College’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Art + Extended Media, you’ll develop your authentic, original voice through studio classes, an internship and year-long capstone project which culminates in the annual Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition.


Art + Extended Media students do amazing things in the art world, thanks to our well-established internship program. Visual arts students cite their internships as one of their best educational experiences, and many receive job offers after their internships. 


Employers that have recently hosted Art + Extended Media interns from Sage include the Arts Center of the Capital Region, Albany Center Gallery, Opalka Gallery, MASS MoCA, as well as a number of professional photographers.


Program Objectives

As a student in Russell Sage College’s BFA program in Art + Extended Media, you’ll study traditional and digital techniques in studio classes, and synthesize your skillset with concepts that define your studio practice. You’ll also participate in an internship and complete a year-long capstone body of work that is exhibited in the annual Bachelor of Fine Arts show. Upon graduation, your portfolio coupled with your critical thinking, aesthetic, technical and professional skills will prepare you for a variety of creative careers.

First-year and transfer students can find information about application procedures, tuition, financial aid and scholarships via the links at the bottom of this page.


Please also visit our website at art.sage.edu to learn more about the many opportunities available in our program.


Russell Sage College’s Visual Arts programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA  20190. 703-437-0700.

Application Process

We’d like to meet you! Come visit our campuses, get to know our faculty and diverse student body, even sit in on a class or two.

First-year and transfer students can find information about application procedures, tuition, financial aid and scholarships via the links at the bottom of this page. 

Applicants to Russell Sage College’s BFA programs should also submit a portfolio of their work. This might sound intimidating, but don’t worry. You have options!

  1. If you have a portfolio that’s ready to submit, great! You can submit it online at sagearts.slideroom.com
  2. If you don’t have a portfolio, or you don’t feel your portfolio is ready, that’s okay. You can join Russell Sage College’s Art + Design department as a pre-art major for your first year. You’ll take the same foundation courses the rest of the students take. Then, at the end of your first year:
  • You can submit a portfolio with the foundation year work you just made, or
  • If you have at least a 3.0 average in your six foundation studio courses, the portfolio requirement will be waived for you.

More information about what to include in your portfolio and how to submit your portfolio is available at sagearts.slideroom.com.



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