Your student account refers to the financial account you have with Russell Sage College. The Office of Student Accounts will assist you with student account billing, payments and questions. We will send your account statements by email.

Use Sage Passport to connect to the Student Account Payment Center, where you can view statements, pay your bill, set up a payment plan and more. You can also give parents, family members and others access to view your statements and make payments on our account.

Payment Due Dates

The deposits, tuition, room, board and fees listed on the college’s website are in effect for the current academic year. They are subject to change without prior notice by Russell Sage College’s Board of Trustees. All policy statements and other information in the following sections reflect information current at the time of this publication.

On-Campus SemesterOnline Semester, SessionsPayment Due
Summer 2024Summer 2024, 1st Session & 2nd SessionMay 1, 2024
Fall 2024Fall 2024, 1st session & 2nd sessionAug 1, 2024
Spring 2025Spring 2025, 1st session & 2nd sessionDec 1, 2024

Payment Policies

All student balances must be paid in full by the specified Payment Due Dates unless the student has been awarded financial aid sufficient to cover the outstanding balance or is enrolled in the college’s payment plan. Students will be permitted to attend classes and utilize college facilities only after they have settled their financial obligations to the college. Any subsequent modification to an expected amount of financial aid or student loan remains the full responsibility of the student and must be paid in full by the student.

In addition to following application and verification procedures for financial aid, the student’s eligibility must be confirmed and the student must accept offered awards electronically through MySageAid before those amounts can be applied as payment against tuition and fees. Please note that loan programs require an extended period of processing before the loan amount is credited to the student’s account.

Failure to fully pay the student’s liability or make alternative arrangements with Student Accounts may result in the removal of registration from any or all classes and prevent access to Student Housing. In addition, an unpaid financial obligation to the college will result in the withholding of the student’s grades, transcript of credits, diploma and official reports and make the student ineligible for future financial aid awards, pre-registration and resident room selections.  A late payment fee may be accessed for payment not made by the payment due date.

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the payment process for college can be intimidating. No one likes to talk about money – we get it. So we put together this list of frequently asked questions to address what students and families found tricky in past years. 

All bills are posted in your Passport account under Self-Service. At Sage, we pay by semester. 

  • For the fall semester, bills will be posted in July and due on August 1. 
  • For the spring semester, bills will be posted in November and due on December 2. 
  • If you are taking summer classes, bills will be posted in April and due on May 1. 

To confirm your bill was paid and processed, you will see a balance of $0 in your Passport, Self-Service account. 

Yes! You are able to pay your bill all at once or set up a payment plan. Payment plans include a $45 fee and must be set up before the bill is due. You can enroll in a payment plan under Self-Service.

A parent or guardian can be added to your account as an authorized user so they can view your bill and make payments. You can add an authorized user under Self-Service.

Families who have 529 plans can request funds to be sent directly to the college. We suggest doing this early, as it takes a few weeks for the check to arrive. To avoid late fees and de-registration, the payment must be made before the due date.

Late payment will result in a $50 late fee, as well as removal from registered classes and housing (if applicable).

Holds on your account can be for a variety of reasons. Contact [email protected] to learn how to remove the specific hold.

Your bill can change for a variety of reasons. You may have decided to move off of campus or move on to campus, you might be taking a different number of credits than before, or you’ve enrolled in classes that have subject-specific fees. If you have questions, contact [email protected].

Contact our Solutions team at 518-244-2020 or [email protected] for any bill-related questions!

Account questions?

Albany campus: 518-292-1788
Troy campus: 518-244-2205