Become a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work with individuals who are recovering from an illness, injury or other physical limitations. With a doctorate in Physical Therapy, you’ll help patients to build their physical ability and mobility and to improve their quality of life.

About Sage’s Doctorate in Physical Therapy

As a student in Russell Sage College’s accredited Doctor of Physical Therapy program, you’ll complete academic, clinical and research coursework and participate in three clinical education placements.

Our DPT program is a full-time program. Students complete their doctorate in Physical Therapy in nine semesters over three calendar years, including summers.

Upon completing the DPT program, you’ll be eligible to take the National Physical Therapy Examination, required for licensing.

DPT Program Faculty

Russell Sage College is a small school, and Physical Therapy is a small department, which means there is a real sense of camaraderie among faculty members and students.

All of our Physical Therapy faculty members are practicing clinicians, and several have certifications or special expertise in their practice areas including strength and conditioning, orthopedics, functional movement, wound care and pediatric disabilities.

3+3 Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree and Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Eligible students can earn a bachelor’s degree and doctorate in Physical Therapy at Sage in six years — that’s less time than it would take to pursue the degrees separately.

Undergraduate Majors for Physical Therapy

The following Russell Sage College undergraduate programs are an excellent foundation for our DPT program and can be completed in an accelerated 3+3 or traditional 4+3 format.

“Our DPT program has a multi-decade track record of turning out really, really good practitioners.”

James Brennan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
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Your Future with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Professional Preparation

Our graduates’ pass rate on the National Physical Therapy Examination was 92.8% for 2020 and 2021, the most recent statistics available. And 100% of our 2020 and 2021 graduates who sought employment secured a position within one year after graduation.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook for Physical Therapists, predicts that employment opportunities will increase by 17% through 2031 (The average growth rate for all occupations is 5%, according to the Bureau.)

Our graduates work in a variety of settings, from private practices to schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and fitness facilities, and they have been accepted to neuro-orthopaedic, sports medicine and cardiopulmonary clinical residency programs.

DPT Clinical Experiences

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Russell Sage College, you’ll learn in well-equipped physical therapy labs and a traditional anatomy lab — and work with real people with real medical issues in the community.


You will work with patients under the supervision of licensed physical therapists in three different settings, which may include hospitals, schools, skilled nursing facilities and private practices. Your responsibilities will progress over the course of one eight-week and two 12-week clinical experiences; by your third clinical experience, you will have responsibilities identical to those of an entry-level physical therapist. More than 365 sites host our Physical Therapy students for clinical experiences.



Doctorate in Physical Therapy candidates have the opportunity to conduct research under a faculty mentor and may be eligible for research funding from Russell Sage College’s Broughton Graduate Fellowship. Our students have presented their research at the American Physical Therapy Association’s national meetings and at Russell Sage College’s Graduate Research symposium.

Professional Development & Service

Russell Sage College’s School of Health Sciences stresses inter-professional education and creates opportunities for future physical and occupational therapists, nurses, dietitians, mental health professionals and others to learn together, in preparation for roles on inter-professional health care teams.

Students and faculty represent the DPT program and physical therapy profession at three inter-professional conferences each year and at dozens of community events like 5K walks and runs, information sessions at senior-citizen centers and health-and-wellness expos.


Our graduates’ pass rate on the National Physical Therapy Examination from 2020-2021


The number of sites that host our Physical Therapy students for clinical experiences.


Percentage of our graduates who seek employment secure a position within one year after graduation.

Program Objectives

Russell Sage College’s doctoral program in Physical Therapy prepares graduates for the National Physical Therapy Examination and entry into the physical therapy profession. Graduates will be competent to practice physical therapy at an entry-level consistent with the best practices in education and training recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association’s Guide to Physical Therapy Practice: A Normative Model of Physical Therapist Professional Education and the APTA Vision Statement for Physical Therapy 2020.

Program Outcomes, Classes of 2020 and 2021

  • average graduation rate: 98%
  • average licensure pass rate: 92.8%.
  • employment rate for those seeking employment: 100%

Application Procedures

Students with a bachelor’s degree, who have fulfilled the prerequisite courses for the Doctor of Physical Therapy at Russell Sage College, should apply through the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service.

Students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Health Sciences or Psychology and a doctorate in Physical Therapy at Russell Sage College should apply through Russell Sage College’s Office of Admission via the links below.


The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Russell Sage College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) · 3030 Potomac Avenue, Suite 100 · Alexandria, VA 22305-3085 · phone: 703-706-3245 · email: [email protected] · website:

The program is also registered with the New York State Education Department · Education Building · Albany NY 12234 · 518-474-3852

If you need to contact the program/institution directly, please call 518-244-2449 or email [email protected].

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