About Allison Rosa

When Allison Rosa was searching for colleges, she knew what she was looking for. 

She wanted to become a physical therapist, and was interested in schools — like Russell Sage College — that offered accelerated physical therapy programs.  

Sage’s 3+3 Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree and Doctorate of Physical Therapy would allow her  to earn a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a doctorate in Physical Therapy in six years — less time than it would take to pursue the degrees separately.

Today, Allison has completed her undergraduate coursework and is halfway through her DPT program — and she’s confident that Sage has given her opportunities she would not have received at larger schools. 

For example, she was able to easily connect with professors, which led to roles on research projects and as a teaching assistant and teaching fellow. 

“These opportunities have allowed me to have great success in my DPT program,” she said.

Working as a TA for undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology labs before she began the graduate program helped her excel in Gross Anatomy, one of her first DPT courses. She became a Gross Anatomy TA and is now a teaching fellow and instructor for her own lab section. 

“Part of being a physical therapist is taking your expertise and using it to educate your patients in a way that they can easily understand. These positions have prepared me to do that very effectively,” she said. “While I intend on spending the majority of my time treating patients, I definitely see myself working as an adjunct professor one day. These opportunities are great stepping stones to achieving that goal.”

Allison has her eye on her future as a pediatric physical therapist but is also excited for spring semester 2023.

“I am looking forward to new clinical experiences in the DPT program, particularly in the acute care setting, where I have not yet worked,” she said, “and I am looking forward to my last dance show that is coming up in March.”

“Sage’s Dance Ensemble has been a great outlet for me to relieve my stress and form new friendships,” she continued. “I have danced all of my life and was going to stop once I began the DPT, but I missed it too much and am grateful that the officers of the club allow me to participate despite being a graduate student.”