We collected a few stories from Russell Sage College students and graduates, about faculty members who made a difference in their lives.*

Their experiences are great examples of the kinds of mentoring and encouragement you’ll find at Sage.

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*We actually collected more than a few stories of professors who made a difference to their students. Read Part I here! 

Chloe Harrison

Chloe Harrison was in high school, attending a portfolio review at Sage. She made the rounds, visiting representatives from different colleges who provided feedback on her art. “Professor McElligott really stood out,” Chloe remembers. “The advice he gave me on my portfolio showed he had a real interest in me and my work.” 

Jennifer Keane

Jennifer Keane is completing her PsyD in Clinical Psychology. She says Professors Julie McIntyre and Susan Jenks were “phenomenal role models of strong women who pursued high levels of education to reach their career goals.” 

Katy Parsley

Katy Parsley was working in finance when she met Professor Mary Rea. They got to talking, and Katy confided that she wished she’d pursued a career in the medical field. Professor Rea talked to her about Sage’s Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Studies program. How it might provide Katy a chance to go where she really wanted to be.

Aleena Sirota

Aleena Sirota came to Sage because of its Physical Therapy program. But she never felt a good fit with her studies. When Associate Professor of Health Sciences Karen Balter asked Aleena if she might want to consider becoming a Psychology major, Aleena knew immediately that Professor Balter had identified a change she wanted to make.

Nicholas Taylor

Sport and Recreation Management graduate Nicholas Taylor says Associate Professor Eileen Brownell was important in developing his leadership and communication skills, and Adjunct Professor Robert Stulmaker taught him the value of making connections.


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