Russell Sage College’s student-run literary journal The Rev (formerly The Russell Sage Review) is working with CreativityUnleashed to produce a publication with Haringey Unchained, a magazine founded by students at Haringey Sixth Form College (H6) in London. 

CreativityUnleashed, made up of H6 students and alumni, partners with secondary schools and universities to showcase creative talent among students and to advocate for arts in education.

The Rev/CreativityUnleashed partnership includes online creativity workshops — presented by students and arts professionals — for the H6 and Sage communities. Spoken word poet Joseph Unadike and H6 alumna Lina Charki led recent workshops, and former Royal Opera House administrator Edward Mackay and film writer and director TJ Volgare will present later this year. 

Student editorial boards will brainstorm and share resources as they solicit submissions from workshop participants and other Sage and H6 students, faculty and staff; develop creative concepts; curate content; and manage vendors for online and print editions of their publication.    

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“This project develops skill sets for students preparing for the world of work,” said Angie Smith, an adjunct professor at Sage and faculty advisor to The Rev. “In addition to doing their own writing, students will gain experience leading workshops and contributing to a creative team to produce and promote the magazine itself.” She said the programming will complement Sage’s literature and writing curriculums while offering a creative outlet for all majors.  

Smith is a former H6 teacher who worked with students to launch the award-winning Haringey Unchained blog and magazine in 2014. She continues to advise CreativityUnleashed, the consulting effort that grew out of Haringey Unchained

Haringey Unchained and CreativityUnleashed previously collaborated on publications with Pepperdine University, Goldmiths College of the University of London, the University of Warwick and Middlesex University and are also working with Durham University this year. 

The Rev’s student leadership team is being formed now. Smith anticipates an online launch party with contributors to the Sage and H6 publication at the end of the 2021 spring semester.    

The Rev/CreativityUnleashed partnership is supported by the Russell Sage College libraries and Carol Ann Donahue Poetry Fund.

For more information, and to submit your creative work for consideration, contact Angie Smith at  [email protected]. Submissions are due by February 12, 2021.  

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