About Bonnie Fischer-Camara

Bonnie Fischer-Camara is an assistant professor in the Occupational Therapy department at Russell Sage College.  She has  clinical experience as a Level 1 Trauma Center Hospital clinician, Inpatient Rehabilitation clinician, Outpatient Rehabilitation clinician, Pediatric Homecare and business owner and school based practitioner.

Recent Courses Taught

OTH 504 Foundations of Occupational Therapy, Lecture and Lab
OTH 611 Adult Physical Rehabilitation I, Lab
OTH 618 Adult Physical Rehabilitation II, Lab
OTH612 Management of Occupational Therapy Services, Lecture and Seminar
OTH 622 Fieldwork Seminar
OTH 624 Level 1 Fieldwork: Physical Rehabilitation
OTH 627 & OTH 628 Level II Fieldwork: Part 1 and 2

Research Interest

Alternative areas of practice

Selected Publications

Assessment and Management of Visual Deficits Within the Hospital Setting, Dissemination through ProQuest, 10/24/2019

Educational Background

Post-Professional Doctorate, Boston University
Occupational Therapy
M.S., Touro College
Occupational Therapy
B.S., Touro College
Health Sciences
B.A., Stony Brook University