About Christian Vaalstuen

When Christian Vaalstuen first arrived at Sage from his home in Norway, he was thinking he might stay for his freshman year then move on. America was a big country with so many different colleges and places to explore. He was thinking California next. Or maybe Florida.

Then Sage worked its magic on him.

“You have all these people around you who want you to succeed,” he found. “I just don’t think you get that at a lot of places.” 

Christian is in his junior year now, with no plans to go anywhere else.

While he’d been taught English back home and had even spent a year in Florida as a teenager, becoming proficient at the language was initially Christian’s biggest challenge. 

“But all the professors were great about helping me,” he says. “They were very professional, but nice. They were willing to give me all the extra help I needed.”

The sense Christian has about Sage faculty members is that they stand up for students. “There’s isn’t anything at all of a student vs. faculty environment. They’re here to guide you.”

Christian is a Health Sciences major with plans to one day attend medical school. He’s also a member of the varsity soccer team, where he earned the “Gator of the Year” award in his first season and continues to be a key player on the team.

“Like so many people on campus, my teammates want me to succeed,” he says. “They cheer you on. It’s part of this whole community that wants you to succeed.”

In this environment, Christian says, he’s made close friends and discovered new interests. He reads more, enjoys learning about new technologies, and has, to his surprise, developed an interest in financial investments.

“I feel like I belong here,” he says.