About Kelli Tamvada

Dr. Kelli Tamvada is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology and Health Sciences at Russell Sage College.


Recent Courses Taught

Medical Terminology (SCI 110)
Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 201-202)
Exercise Physiology (SCI 310)
Research Methods (HSC 450)

Research Interests

Comparative bone morphology between modern humans and fossils of extinct hominins

Because I teach students at all levels of their undergraduate career, I get to watch their academic growth; it’s really fulfilling to see their progress from beginning to end, and to know that I play a role in training them for their careers!

Kelli Tamvada, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Selected Publications

Tamvada, K. H. and Strait, D.S. in prep The Neanderthal femur is not more robust than the modern human femur: strength comparison of femora using finite element analysis.

Tamvada, K. H. Femoral mechanics, mobility, and finite element analysis. 2014 In: Marchi, D. and Carlson, K., editors. Reconstructing Mobility. Springer.

Educational Background

Ph.D., University at Albany