About Kelly Brock

Back in high school, Professor Kelly Brock, Ph.D., BCBA, LBA, was constantly on the move and involved in many different activities. You were never really sure what she might be interested in doing next.

A pattern was being established.

Consider the dynamic, unexpected academic and professional career Professor Brock has had. After getting her B.S. at Sage in Physical Education, she earned an M.S.Ed and completed her Advanced Graduate Certificate in Behavioral Interventions in Autism. 

Today, while teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate classes in the Esteves School of Education, Professor Brock also provides educational and behavioral consultation and professional development to public schools around the region. She is doing this all while finishing up her Ph.D. in Special Education. 

As a former student turned professor, Professor Brock  is in a position to know well what makes Sage stand out. “It’s the strength of the connections professors make with their students,” she says. “And it’s the collaboration that goes on between faculty members. My colleagues are beyond amazing.”

Professor Brock  teaches a broad range of courses, from Introduction to Special Education to Classroom Management, to Severe & Multiple Disabilities. The common thread running through all her classes, she says, is that they are interactive, and focus on “what’s really going on out there, and what are the current best practices.”

In addition, Professor Brock  says: “I share the stories of my personal experiences, which makes it more real and relevant to students.”

Professor Brock’s  experiences include having discovered a great deal about herself, as her interests and motivations changed and grew along the way. She loved being a physical education teacher, because she loves being active and doing something new everyday. She became drawn into special education because she feels challenged and inspired to help all students, especially those with disabilities.

To help guide undergraduate and graduate students, Professor Brock  often tells them: “Don’t be afraid if your career plans change. It might lead you down a different path that works perfectly for you.”

What Professor Brock  found at Sage, first as an undergraduate and now as a member of the faculty, is a place where you feel supported in whatever you choose to do.

“Sage is a place where you find lifelong friendships and guidance,” she says.

Recent Courses Taught

EDU 206/ PSYC 206 Educational Psychology
EDU 301 Inclusive Teaching Strategies
EDU 337 Classroom Management
EDU 401 Childhood Student Teaching grades 1-3
EDU 401 Childhood Student Teaching grades 4-6
EDU 558 Building Classrooms as Learning Communities
HED 649 Health Ed Student Teaching
PED 304 Tactics/Skills/Field/Scoring
PED 320 Instructional Strategies Developmental Disabilities
PED 322 Instructional Strategies Orthopedic Disabilities
PED 407 Physical Education Student Teaching K-12
PED 420 Organization and Administration of PED Programs
PED 430 Diversity Service Learning
SED 531 High and Low Incidence Learners
SED 532 Severe & Multiple Disabilities
SED 555 Inclusive Behavioral Approaches for All Students
SED 567 Introduction to Special Education
SED 595 Student Teaching in Special Education

“Sage is a place where you find lifelong friendships and guidance.”

Kelly Brock, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education

Selected Publications

Brock, K. & Cosgrove, G. Thrive on the Autism Spectrum: Keys to Unlocking Social Potential and Independence. The Arc, Lexington. NY, April 2019

Brock, K. & Cosgrove, G. Challenging Behavior: Functional Behavioral Assessments that Work. NYS Special Education Task Force. March 2019

Educational Background

M.S.Ed., Canisius College
Physical Education
Advanced Graduate Certificate, UMass Lowell
Behavioral Interventions in Autism
B.S., Russell Sage College
Physical Education