About Kristi LaMonica

Dr. Kristi LaMonica is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology & Health Sciences. She completed her Ph.D. in Biology at Wesleyan University studying cell migration. Dr. LaMonica was a post-doctoral researcher for 5 years at University of Denver – Anschutz Medical campus studying gene expression in craniofacial development in zebrafish. Her current research interests include investigating the roles of Planar Cell Polarity/Wnt pathway ligands in oriented migration of parietal endoderm using a stem cell model system. Migration of parietal endoderm is the first long range migratory event in the mammalian embryo and forms the yolk sac, which is critical to support the early embryo.  Understanding cell migration is important since it is necessary for overall embryonic development and general maintenance of an organism (wound healing). Understanding how migration occurs normally in a variety of cell types can also give us insight into the aberrant migration that occurs during cancer metastasis. Dr. LaMonica is currently the Program Director in Troy for the Biology programs at Russell Sage College.

“I like teaching at Sage because…

…we have really fantastic students here at Russell Sage College. Our students are engaged and participate in discussions in the classroom. They ask questions in lab and really take ownership of their experiments whether it be in General Biology or Molecular Genetics. They are really invested in the learning process and scientific method and it always makes me proud to see their excitement at the end of Molecular Genetics when we finish our semester long experiment.”


“My favorite teaching moment was…

…an outside the classroom moment where I overheard a student talking about the genes and signaling in the paper she presented in Seminar in Biology to her group in a different lab. The paper was outside her comfort zone at first and it was awesome to watch her grow to be comfortable enough (and excited) to talk about what she was learning with colleagues!”

“Courses I like to teach include…

General Biology, Fundamentals of Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Seminar in Biology, and Neurobiology – I truly enjoy all the courses I teach!”

Selected Publications

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