About Marcy A. Fiet

Associate Professor, Nursing

It’s been more than two decades since Marcy Fiet transferred to Sage from a state university, but she remembers clearly how she felt about that big change in her life.

“Where I was, that was an impersonal experience,” she says. “No one knew me. But when I got to Sage, they didn’t just know my name, they wanted to know my name. And how I was. And what my goals were.”

Funny thing about this, Marcy hadn’t originally applied to Sage because, as a local girl, she wanted to go away. “To have the full experience.”

And that’s what she ended up having. At Sage. She loves the place. She got her B.S. in Nursing here, and today she’s an associate professor in the Nursing program.

While Marcy needed to take a detour to find the right place to go to college, she seems to have found her career path as if struck by lightning.

She was 17. One of her cousins had invited her to be there when she gave birth. The experience blew her mind.

Marcy remembers in the moments following the birth having a conversation with the midwife. (She’d never even heard the term midwife before.) “I said to myself, Oh my God, this is what she does. She’s there for the most amazing and profound moment of someone’s life.”

A future certified nurse midwife was born in that moment.

And 20 years later, Marcy feels about the birth experience the same way she did at 17. It blows her away. No matter how many she’s been a part of as a skilled medical professional. She got into teaching when she had twins of her own, and loves that too.

“Teaching is a lot like coaching women through labor,” she says. “The work can be hard, but the rewards at the end are amazing.“

She finds herself saying to students what she says to moms in birth: “You can do it! We’ll get through this together.”

Recent Courses Taught

Nursing 325 Community and Family Health I
Clinical and Lecture
Nursing 327 Community and Family Health II

Research Interests

Maternal health

Distinctions & Awards

Received Gertrude E. Hodgman Award for excellence in Community Health Nursing, Russell Sage College
Member, Sigma Theta Tau, National Honor Society of Nursing
Doretta Dick Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarly Writing, Stony Brook University

“...when I got to Sage, they didn’t just know my name, they wanted to know my name. And how I was. And what my goals were.”

Marcy A. Fiet, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Educational Background

M.S., Stony Brook University
B.S., Russell Sage College