About McCauley Cannizzo

McCauley Cannizzo earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and minors in Arts Management, Art History and Photography. Knowing what interests her has never been the problem. 

Quite the opposite actually.

After graduation, the challenge was to take all she’d learned, and still wanted to explore, and fit this to a career. McCauley knew she wanted to be working with both the arts and the world of non-profit organizations. But how? 

That’s why she enrolled in Sage’s master’s program in Organizational Management with a specialization in Public Administration. The program is designed for students like McCauley who want to be involved in the administration of public sector organizations.

Today, after earning her master’s, McCauley is the marketing coordinator at the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy. She’s on her way.

Sage’s Organizational Management program was the right fit at the right time in McCauley’s career journey. “Everyone was ready to help me,” she says. “I became well-rounded. By the time I was done, I felt like I could confidently apply for the jobs I wanted.”

Her professors in the Organizational Management program allowed McCauley to customize her studies, to help get her to where she wanted to go. For example, there was the time her classmates were writing papers on issues challenging healthcare administration, while McCauley got permission to write her paper on the similar issues challenging the administration of arts organizations. 

“That’s the strength of the program,” McCauley says. “It’s all about helping you achieve your own goals. I’m so glad I went there.”


“By the time I was done, I felt like I could confidently apply for the jobs I wanted.”

McCauley Cannizzo