About Megan Flynn

The Russell Sage College master’s program in Health Services Administration is designed to prepare students with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed for the next stage of their careers.

And while she would never say this, it seems safe to conclude student Megan Flynn doesn’t so much need the confidence part. 

Megan got her undergraduate degree at Sage as a Business Administration major with a 3.9 GPA. That was while playing on the varsity basketball team, ending her career as 18th all-time in scoring, seventh in rebounding, and 11th in blocked shots.  

Oh, and as an undergrad Megan also got involved in community service projects, like being part of a reading program for students in nearby schools, and doing community cleanups and sorting returnable bottles and cans for the Humane Society. 

She also managed to fit in an internship in the Human Resources department at the Vermont Country Store. 

“I’ve always set high standards for myself,” Megan says. “If you’re going to do something, why wouldn’t you give it your all?”

One of the reasons she chose to attend Sage as an undergraduate is because Megan felt it would be just the place to excel as both a student and an athlete.

“I loved playing ball,” she says. “But I cared about my school work. I found at Sage I could play the sport I loved and accomplish the job I came here to do.”

At first, Megan wasn’t sure where her academic pursuits would lead her.  She didn’t choose her major until sophomore year, and picked Business Administration because it offered entry into multiple career opportunities.

Then, in her junior year, Megan took a course in Public Health and an idea began to take shape. Maybe one day she could take on a leadership role in the health care field. Today, while working on her master’s she’s working full time at a dialysis center in Albany, and feeling certain she’s on the right track. 

Megan appreciates how her Sage professors, both during her years as an undergraduate and now in the master’s program, make the class work relevant to the world outside. “They’re always sharing their own stories and giving real world examples.”

And whereas Megan arrived with a strong work ethic and sense of determination, she feels Sage helped her to mature as a person. 

“I was exposed to an array of people with different interests and from different backgrounds, including international students,” she says. “And I got the chance to work together with them on different projects.”

Megan Flynn, it seems, has always appreciated being on a team.  If all goes according to plan, she’ll one day help make a team of health care professionals stronger and more effective. 

“I found at Sage I could play the sport I loved and accomplish the job I came here to do.”

Megan Flynn