About Parker Crandall '22

Entering college, Parker Crandall ’22 knew a lot about herself. But there was at least one significant question that needed an answer.

She knew she valued her family and really liked her hometown of Grafton, New York, which made her decide to be a commuter.

She knew she wanted a college where she’d have small classes and feel part of a close-knit community, which made Sage particularly attractive.

But she didn’t know what to choose as her major.

Sage made answering this question as easy, and as interesting, as possible.

First-year students who are undecided about their major can enroll in the Academic Exploration program (AEX). This program allows you to take a combination of courses that satisfy requirements and lets you explore potential academic interests.

AEX also connects students with resources of the Office of Career Planning, which provides extra support for those trying to find their personal interests and strengths.

Parker says AEX proved to be just what she needed. Today, she’s majoring in Occupational Therapy in the School of Health Sciences and feeling like she’s on the path to a future that will fit her quite well.

In other words, Sage and Parker have become a great match.

“I really like how tight knit it is here,” she says. “I love the small classes. The professors all know your name and they will go so far in trying to help you.”

Parker also feels that having the opportunity to do some guided exploring before choosing her major allowed her to land where, in retrospect, it seems she was destined to land all along.

You see, long before arriving at Sage, Parker had seen her great-grandfather helped by occupational therapy after he’d had surgery. 

So, the thought of occupational therapy being a good career choice had been planted long ago. It just needed the chance to grow.

Now that Parker knows where she wants to go, she’s actually getting on the fast track. She’s been accepted into the 3+2 program, where students can complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in just over five years.

Oh, and that business of Parker being something of a homebody. Well, it seems that’s all worked out extremely well too. Her younger sister, Hayden, is also a Sage student.


“I really like how tight knit it is here. I love the small classes. The professors all know your name and they will go so far in trying to help you.”

Parker Crandall '22