About Rajvi Sheth

When Rajvi Sheth started her graduate program at Sage and moved into her Troy apartment near campus, one of her biggest adjustments was to combat the feeling of living alone. 

“It made me nervous,” she remembers. “It seemed so secluded.”

Troy secluded? 

Well, you see, Rajvi had come from Mumbai, India, with its teeming population of 20 million. And, she was away from her family.

Today, she feels completely at home here, close to her professors and fellow students in the School of Health Sciences. And the warmth she’s found working as a graduate assistant at the Opalka Gallery has made her feel she’s part of a second family. 

But what had originally attracted Rajvi to Sage was the strength of the Nutrition and Dietetics master’s program, and the small classes, where she knew she’d get all the help she needed. 

Why nutrition?

“I was always into food,” Rajvi says. “I was one of those foodies. People think I might only have liked Indian food, but I loved all foods.”

She also understood the challenge to eat well, because she’d had her own challenges with understanding the true importance of healthy eating.

“People who have trouble with their weight, people with obesity issues, “ Rajvi says. “I feel their pain.”

In other words, as a Registered Dietitian (RD), Rajvi will be both knowledgeable and understanding. She plans to work in a hospital, and then later maybe open her own practice.