About Robert Stulmaker, CAA

When students ask adjunct professor Robert Stulmaker how to have a successful career in the field of sports and recreation, he has two words to share: enthusiasm and passion.

That’s how he thrived in his own career. And that’s how others he’s known in the sports world have been successful. By loving what they do.

And Bob Stulmaker has been around.

For three decades he worked in the Saratoga Springs School District, his first 18 years coaching football, wrestling and baseball and teaching physical education. For the next 12 years, Bob was the director of physical education, athletics and health. He then went on to become the assistant director of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, a position he held for close to nine years. One of his many responsibilities was overseeing 32 different state championship competitions. Today, he’s teaching in Russell Sage College’s Sport and Recreation Management program.

“I’ve always loved teaching,” he says. “Coaching is teaching. Teaching has always been a passion for me.”

When Bob had the role of athletic director at Saratoga High School and needed to hire coaches, he always looked for enthusiasm and passion in a potential hire.

“Because even if they didn’t have all the knowledge yet, that type of person will pick other people’s brains to get it.”

He’s also found that those with a passion are not likely to get discouraged and give up.

“I’ve always remembered the quote from President Jimmy Carter,” he says. “He said: I may make a lot of mistakes, but I will only make them once.”

It’s the sharing of life lessons that has been at the center of Bob’s life in sports. “In coaching you really are teaching life lessons,” he says. “About good sportsmanship. About losing with grace. About respect. About teamwork.”

The Bachelor of Science degree in Sport and Recreation Management at Sage consists of courses that integrate business, sport and recreation. It’s designed for students interested in pursuing careers with professional sport teams, collegiate athletic departments, fitness facilities, club-level athletic teams, town parks, or as an entrepreneur.

Teaching at Sage, Bob says, is a privilege. “It’s a true honor for me. I love how I get to know my students, and they get to know me. I’m getting the chance to help them become successful.”

Which means sharing his passion for his career, and the little nuggets of wisdom he’s picked up along the way.

“I tell my students: Don’t be afraid to walk through doors. Never turn down an interview or internship”

Because, it goes without saying, that demonstrates your enthusiasm.


“I get to know my students, and they get to know me. I’m getting the chance to help them become successful.”

Robert Stulmaker, CAA

Adjunct Professor