About Santino Sementilli

Santino Sementilli’s work ethic enabled him to complete his Health Sciences bachelor’s degree at Russell Sage College in three years, while waiting tables several nights a week at Scotti’s Italian Restaurant, a popular local restaurant that his father owns. 

His work ethic also made him stand out to a manager at Zimmer Biomet, whom Santino served at Scotti’s, and who invited Santino to interview for a position at Zimmer.

Santino said he was confident throughout rounds of interviews, thanks in part to Professor Karen Balter’s Pathology, Prevention and Injury class, which prepared him to be conversant in the specialized vocabulary around musculoskeletal medical implants. 

He was offered a position and will begin training at Zimmer in August 2022.

“There’s a lot to learn,” said Santino, explaining that his role in medical device sales will require him to know every piece of Zimmer’s medical implants and tools to assemble them in intricate detail, and to be present during surgeries.

“There’s also a lot of growth and potential to move up quickly,” he continued. “I’m very excited.”

Santino chose Russell Sage College because he liked downtown Troy and wanted to study something health related. He ultimately chose Health Sciences because it encompasses a broad area. 

He encourages prospective students unsure about what to major in to consider Health Sciences. 

“It allows you to learn all these different concentrations, and see what interests you the most,” he said, adding that his classes introduced him to several career paths, from medical sales to athletic training to health education and more. 

“Three years went by like that,” said Santino, who took classes during summers in order to graduate early. 

He added another piece of advice for new college students.

“For first-year students who are going to read this, college is going to go by so fast. Enjoy it. You’ll get to learn about yourself and about other people. It’s a great place to grow,” he said. “If you have something you’re good at or are interested in, work hard, focus on it and turn it into a career. The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”