About Sarah Brockway

Dr. Sarah Brockway received her doctorate in Educational Leadership and her master’s in Occupational Therapy from Russell Sage College. Dr. Brockway’s dissertation research explored the role of higher education leadership in the implementation of the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges.  As an educator, occupational therapist, and leader, Sarah strives to work toward the Okanagan Charter’s aspirations to, “create campus cultures of compassion, well-being, equity, and social justice” and to “improve the health of the people who live, learn, work, play and love on our campuses” (Okanagan Charter, 2015).

Sarah has worked in inpatient rehabilitation and pediatric settings. She has certifications in Autism Movement Therapy as well as Children’s Yoga. She developed and implemented integrative community-based programs in dance and yoga. Her primary teaching areas include occupational engagement throughout lifespan courses in both adulthood and children and youth, as well as fieldwork education.  Sarah is the co-chair of the Thrive@Russell Sage initiative.

Recent Courses Taught

Occupational Performance in Children and Youth
Foundations of Occupational Therapy Lab
Neuroscience Lab
Evaluation & Intervention: Early Intervention Settings
Evaluation & Intervention: Early Intervention Settings Lab
Evaluation & Intervention: School-based Practice Lab
Clinical and Professional Reasoning
Fieldwork Seminar
Level I Fieldwork: School Based
Level I Fieldwork: Physical Rehabilitation
Fieldwork II

Educational Background

Ed.D. Russell Sage College
Educational Leadership
M.S., Russell Sage College
Occupational Therapy
B.A., State University of New York at Geneseo
Biology with Theatre minor