About Stacie M. Kutz

Stacie Kutz is an Associate Professor and Program Director of Health Sciences at Russell Sage College.

Research Interests

Cancer research at Albany Medical Center
Wound repair mechanisms

Selected Publications

Kutz SM, Higgins CE, Higgins PJ (2012) Novel Combinatorial Therapeutic Targeting of PAI-1 (SERPINE1) Gene Expression in Alzheimer’s Disease. Mol Med Ther 1:2.

Kutz, S.M., Higgins, C.E., Samarakoon, R., Higgins, S.P., Allen, R.R., Qi, L. and Higgins, P.J., (2006) “TGFB-1-Induced PAI-1 Expression is Ebox/USF-Dependent and Requires EGFR Signaling”, Exp. Cell Res. 312 (7): 1093-105.