About Susan M Jenks

Susan Jenks is a professor with a joint appointment in Psychology and Biology at Russell Sage College.

Recent Courses Taught

Introductory Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology
Motivation and Emotion
Animal Behavior
Evolutionary Biology
Introductory Biology and Lab

Research Interests

Investigation of spotted hyena social behavior and dopamine receptor genetic profiles
Effect of a non-pathogenic bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae, on anxiety in mice
Social behavior of crayfish in response to light

Distinctions & Awards

Professor Jenks recently returned from sabbatical working in the field at Maasai Mara Wildlife Reserve in Kenya with colleagues from Michigan State University

"My favorite part of my job is stimulating student inquiry!"

Susan M Jenks, Ph.D.

Professor of Biopsychology

Selected Publications

Matthews, D.M. & Jenks, S.M. (2013). Ingestion of Mycobacterium vaccae decreases anxiety-related behavior and improves learning in mice. Behavioural Processes96, 27-35

Jenks, S. M. 2011.  A longitudinal study of the sociosexual dynamics in a captive family group of wolves: The University of Connecticut Wolf Project. Behavior Genetics (Nov). Published online: 16 March 2011 doi 10.1007/s10519-011-9453-6.

Educational Background

Postdoctoral work, UC-San Francisco, UCLA and UC-Berkeley.
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Biobehavioral Sciences
M.S., University of Connecticut
Biobehavioral Sciences
B.A., Vassar College