About Tawana Payton Davis

It’s the shared desire at Sage to have all students be well and thrive that makes Associate VP, Student Life for Student Wellness Tawana Davis truly love her job.

When she was interviewing for a new position after 22 years in the health and wellness field, Tawana Davis was clear about her priorities. “I wanted to love where I worked. And I wanted to love who I worked with.”

When she interviewed at Sage, it took her a matter of minutes to figure out she’d found a home. “I felt welcomed,” she remembers. “They wanted to get to know me. And I fit right into the culture here, because clearly it was all about helping people.”

Tawana leads the Wellness Center, the Office of Recreation and Fitness, and the Office of Accessibility Services. She’s also the co-chair of Sage THRIVE, a college-wide initiative to promote well-being.  She says these combined responsibilities reflect Sage’s philosophy of well-being: “How can we assist people to live their best life?” 

“Working with college students is incredible,” Tawana says. “The way they see the world, they enlighten me every day. They are so full of life.”

She says this good feeling about the students is shared by her entire team. “They all love their jobs and are excellent at what they do. We all want our students to thrive.”