About Tyler Frisbee

Tyler Frisbee gets the value of practical.

Ask him what he appreciated about his time as a Sage student in Graphic+Media Design and this is what he has to say:

“They focus on things in a realistic way. It’s not all conceptual and artsy. It’s about how it applies in a real setting. And there’s a culture in the department that makes you accountable for your own work. It’s made clear that how well you do is dependent on the work you put in.”

Tyler figures that last part is pretty important. “Because once you graduate it’s all on you. You have to be self-motivated.”

So, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that even before he graduated Tyler had gotten himself a job at a marketing agency in Glens Falls where he designs print materials and does web work.

“I was as well prepared as you can be for your first job,” Tyler says.

Oh, and the job also came out of an internship he got while at Sage.

Before arriving on campus, Tyler got his associate degree in Digital Media from nearby Hudson Valley Community College. He chose Sage because he was looking for a program that had a comprehensive approach to design. He wanted the full spectrum of experience in his field.

He also wanted a small college where there would be personal attention from professors, and he says he got that in spades.

“Plus,” he says, “the professors in the program have successful careers of their own outside of teaching.”

Tyler appears already to be on his way to his successful career. His work has been recognized by Graphic Design USA, The Communicator Awards, The Telly Awards, and the Addy Awards.

“I was as well prepared as you can be for your first job.”

Tyler Frisbee