Faculty Technology Competencies

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Category  Definition
Designates a skill needed by all faculty.
Designates skills needed by faculty who teach online and includes the “All” category.
Designates skills needed by faculty who teach onsite and includes the “All” category.
OTHER Not necessarily required.



Browser skills (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)

  • Select browser appropriate to different purposes
  • Use search tools
  • Set home page
  • Open multiple tabs and multiple browser pages
  • Set History
  • Use Favorites or Bookmarks
  • Manage pop-ups

MySage applications

  • Use the calendar, including editing and repeats
  • Email class members from “My Classes”
  • Save Word, Excel, pdf documents and images to “My Files”
  • Sort emails into Folders
  • Use the Address Book
  • Use the automatic message function
  • Create an automatic signature
  • Use Sage Advisor
  • Refer to KnowledgeBase
  • Use shared files for HR
  • Create Bookmarks
  • Use Course Evaluation results

Office Applications

  • Create documents in Word or Pages
  • Use Excel (e.g., calculations, sort and filter data, format)
  • Develop PowerPoint and/or Keynote presentations

Online presentation tools

  • Create presentations with PowerPoint or Keynote (with conversion suitable for pc users)

Moodle (initial and intermediate competence)

  • Set up a course and make it available to students
  • Label the blocks and add photographs or clip art
  • Use the block management tools (hide, collapse, highlight, add block)
  • Move items within and between blocks
  • Move blocks
  • Use the News Forum
  • Open Forums and use different  types of forums
  • Set up different types of Assignments
  • Load Resources and link to the block
  • Create and use Resource folders
  • Create Quizzes and grade short answer and essay items

Interactive tools

  • Use ListServs


Online presentation tools

  • Create a video presentation using Jing, Screencast-o-matic, Screenflow or other (identify) - ONLINE
  • Create digital audio presentations (podcasts) - ONLINE
  • Create digital video presentations (vodcasts) - ONLINE
  • Create a podcast - ONLINE
  • Create a vodcast - ONLINE

Moodle (initial and intermediate competence)

  • Organize the Gradebook
  • Return papers, make comments in the Assignment screen
  • Check logs to determine student participation
  • Send messages to students from the Moodle class
  • Create and use group settings

Moodle (intermediate and advanced competence)

  • Use the Questionnaire tool
  • Use the Calendar in Moodle
  • Create wikis
  • Use web meeting tools
  • Create reports to measure student participation in Moodle courses
  • Upload publisher-created test banks
  • Copy a course
  • Weight categories in the Gradebook
  • Use separate and visible groups

Interactive tools

  • Use Skype to call individuals and host a conference call


Classroom Technology

  • (Call 518-244-4777 or email helpdesk@sage.edu with any technology questions.)


  • Turn projector on
  • Reset the projector; interpret messages conveyed by color and status of LEDs
  • Toggle between PC and other components
  • Use the “source” button on the remote

Log into the PC

  • Log into “Sage” domain, not the local computer
  • Reboot as necessary
  • Insure power and internet connection are established


  • Confirm speakers are on
  • Troubleshoot speakers for power and settings


Online presentation tools

  • Create a presentation with narration, hyperlinks, embedded audio, video and animation
  • Create a presentation that runs automatically
  • Create a presentation that opens on a CD or DVD when it first loads
  • Create a Sketchcast presentation
  • Use Glogster or other digital poster presentation
  • Create web pages
  • Use Dipity
  • Use diigo or other shared bookmarking site
  • Use Photofunia
  • Edit audio
  • Edit video

Interactive tools

  • Use CAD software (please identify the software that you use)
  • Use GoogleDocs
  • Use Flickr, Snapfish or other similar application
  • Use VoiceThread
  • Use Audacity - Returning voice feedback on student papers
  • Create a blog
  • Use Survey Monkey, CampusCruiser, Zoomerang or other survey tool
  • Use IM, Google Talk, Skype IM or other

Classroom Technology

(Call 518-244-4777 or email helpdesk@sage.edu with any technology questions.)

Red Presenter

  • Use PC with this device
  • Take a snapshot or use as live feed
  • Use w/ VGA cable – direct source to Projector


  • Turn power on, adjust lights and camera
  • Use the source button on the projector to locate the Elmo

Smart Board

  • Turn on, calibrate screen
  • Use and maintain eraser and all pens on the Smart Board Tray


Note: departments are responsible for the cost of any software requested for specific classes. Email helpdesk@sage.edu to submit a ticket.

CAIT approved Dec 6, 2011