Exceptional Outcomes

Meet recent alumni who say the professional preparation and supportive community they found at Sage helped to set them up for early career success. 

Alexandra Betancourt-Pérez, RN

Alexandra Betancourt-Pérez ’19 is an RN working in Albany Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. “I was so well prepared,” she says of starting her career shortly after she graduated. “My professors really cared. They love nursing so they want to make sure that we’re good nurses.” 

Savanna Gephard, DVM

Admission to veterinary school is notoriously hard — there are only 30 accredited vet schools in the country. Thanks to Sage’s “Let’s see how we can make that happen for you” approach, Savanna Gephard ’17 got in, and graduated from the University of Illinois-College of Veterinary Medicine in May, with a position already lined up.

Carrie Harring, MBA

“Right out of undergrad, I was given the chance to prove myself,” said Carrie Harring ’16, ’19, who accepted her first full-time position the same week she received her Business bachelor’s degree. Just five years later, she is a rising star on City & State New York’s 40 Under 40 list of influencers in state politics. 

Tayron Lopez

Tayron Lopez ’19 is in his second year in the University of Buffalo’s Master of Fine Arts program and preparing for a solo show at the African American Cultural Center of the Capital Region, opening on May 6, 2022. “Sage definitely helped me prepare for the next level,” he said. 

Lucas Aurelio Phayre-Gonzalez

Theatre graduate Lucas Aurelio Phayre-Gonzalez ’18 has worked with the New York Public Theatre and the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. He’s done children’s theatre, immersive performance and musical theatre. He’s had small roles in feature films, which he believes one day will lead to major roles. Recently he got a part in a series being produced for Amazon Studios.