Confidentiality- A Word to Parents

All counseling services staff is expected to abide by the American Psychological Association and American Counseling Associations standards of Ethical Principles. Both the law and the ethics of professional practice in psychology and counseling require that information discussed during counseling sessions be kept strictly confidential. No information about students seen for counseling can be shared with anyone outside the Wellness Center without the students written consent. Exceptions to this policy include: when a student presents a clear and imminent danger to him/herself or others; when there is suspicion of child or elder abuse; and in the event of a lawsuit in which records are subpoenaed.

As a parent, however, we recognize that you are the best experts on your son's or daughter's moods and behaviors and that you may, at one time or another, have concerns in this area. Although counseling staff cannot confirm or deny that your son or daughter is in counseling or share any confidential information with you, we want to hear your concerns and will make every effort to utilize your information in trying to be helpful to your son or daughter.