Faculty + Staff

The Counseling Center staff provides telephone and in-person consultation to faculty and staff who are concerned about the welfare of a student, who would like information about how to make a referral, or who would like to discuss or learn about psychologically related material.

Signs that a student might be in distress:

  1. Sudden or noticeable changes in class attendance; academic performance; appearance; eating/sleeping routines or highly impulsive behavior.
  2. Intense emotional states such as; depression, hopelessness, helplessness, irritability, anger, uncontrollable crying, anxiety & panic.
  3. Disruptive or aggressive behavior
  4. Inability to clearly communicate
  5. Expression of suicidal/homicidal thoughts that includes thinking, talking or writing about suicide, death, or dying.

*If a student is in imminent danger of self-harm, do not leave him/her alone and contact public safety immediately at 244-3177.

How to refer a student to the Wellness Center:

  • Talk briefly to the student in private, in a direct and non-judgmental manner. Reflect what youve noticed and share your concerns.
  • Listen sensitively. Being heard by a caring person may help to avert a crisis. Expect that strong feeling may emerge, and know that thats okay. Crying is not necessarily a crisis.
  • Suggest that the student talk to someone in the Wellness Center. You might also consider calling with the student present or walking him/her over.
  • Follow up with the student. Even a quick check-in can offer a feeling of support and caring.