A Product of Our History

Dive deep into diverse civilizations and cultures as a History major. Learn how history shapes society as a whole — and how the events of the past have led to life in the contemporary world.


Study everything from the history of medicine to the history of existence itself in this comprehensive program. You’ll investigate the rich diversity of the global historical experience. History is essential to understanding world events, from the transformation of Eastern Europe to developments in contemporary China or Africa. History is also critical to understanding movements shaping contemporary society, from the evolution of modern America to revolutions in modern science and technology.


Small class sizes make the classroom experience more personalized, allowing faculty to work closely with students. The faculty in this program are dedicated historians — and are highly involved in the community as writers and political commentators.

Program Distinctions

You’ll have the opportunity to study one of the newest and most innovative courses in the field — Big History, which covers the history of existence itself, from the Big Bang that created the universe to today’s advances in artificial intelligence. This program is also distinctive, as it pairs with other programs in Education and Health Sciences to create a more comprehensive educational experience.


Many students choose to complete a History major in conjunction with the Childhood Education program, as this program requires the completion of a liberal arts major. The broad civilization courses, from American Civilization and Western Civilization to Asian Civilization, especially complement the needs of future teachers.

Health Sciences

A History major is also a natural complement to the Health Sciences. Classes such as The History of Medicine are especially popular among students in the health professions.


History is also available as an 18 credit minor. Designed to give students an overview of recent world history, the minor provides an introduction to history as a way to understand human development and a sampling of historical experiences in selected regions and time periods.

“One of the really nice things about Sage is that it also allows professors to explore their interests. We have courses that are simply not available at a lot of other places.”

Steven Leibo, Professor of History

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Your Future

Many people with a B.A. in History earn graduate degrees and pursue careers in education or law.

Internships for History Majors

You’ll have opportunities to intern and get hands-on experience. History majors have interned with many different local historical associations as well as museums, such as the Rensselaer County Historical Society, the Martin Van Buren Home and the Adirondack Experience Museum.

Careers for History Majors

Due to its broad foundation, a B.A. in History prepares you for a range of careers. History majors often pursue advanced law degrees, jobs in the field of education and public service or become writers.

Learning Experience

Through this program, you’ll gain a broad liberal arts foundation, learning research, writing and analysis skills that you can take with you into a number of careers. You’ll study both methodological and thematic courses throughout your major, with topics covered from climate change to oral history and documentary filmmaking.

Comprehensive Courses

You’ll take traditional courses focusing on the United States and Western Civilization as well as classes with regional emphasis on Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Course Objectives

All History courses are designed to give you a sense of how societies change over time — and how much a knowledge of the past can help navigate the present and draw insights about the future.

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