Shape Lives with a Childhood Education Degree

Teachers implement high-quality curricula developed using state-adopted standards, while they create an educational environment and culture built on trust and human connection.

About Our Bachelor’s Degree in Education

This elementary education major will prepare you to become a classroom teacher with both pedagogical and practical experience.

You will take general education courses as well as a rich variety of program-specific courses that will prepare you to become a transformative educator.

If you would like to teach students from birth through sixth grade, please see Russell Sage College’s Childhood and Early Childhood Education (B-6) bachelor’s degree program.

Looking to teach middle school? Check out our Childhood and Early Childhood Education with Extension (B-9) program.

Initial Teaching Certification in New York State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education

By completing this Childhood Education degree as well as a liberal arts major in English, History or life sciences, you’ll be ready to be certified by New York State in teaching grades 1-6.

After graduating from Sage’s Childhood Education program, you’ll be able to apply for teaching positions. You’ll also have to sit for a series of tests and obtain a master’s degree.

Special Opportunities for Elementary Education Majors

Accredited by the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation, there are many different options for you to expand your education in this program. You can take graduate courses during your senior year as well as a middle school extension. If you go on to Russell Sage College’s master’s program, you could be certified in four areas upon completion of the Special Education/Literacy graduate program.

East Greenbush Education Partnership

The partnership between Russell Sage College’s Esteves School of Education and East Greenbush Central School District allows students in grades 9-12 to earn up to 30 college credits. Graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Childhood Education or Physical Education from Russell Sage College in just three years, saving time and money.

“A Childhood Education degree combined with History, English or life sciences provides breadth and depth of experiences …”

Peter Stapleton, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education

Your Future with a Childhood Education Degree


Recent graduates of Russell Sage College’s education programs are classroom teachers, literacy specialists, physical education teachers and school administrators in districts near Albany, New York, and throughout New York state.

According to US News and World Report’s “Best Jobs” rankings, the median annual wage for elementary school teachers was $60,940 in 2020. The same rankings indicated the average salary for elementary teachers in New York was $84,380, placing New York among the five states with the highest average salaries for elementary teachers.

Graduate Studies

A graduate program at Russell Sage College’s Esteves School of Education is the next step for many elementary education majors with initial certification.

Programs include:

Art Education (MAT)

School Health Education (MS)

Special Education (MSEd)

Literacy Education (MSEd)

Literacy/Special Education (MS)

Professional School Counseling (MS)

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Student Teaching for Elementary Education Majors

Undergraduate courses include fieldwork and practicum experiences in school settings. Fieldwork can consist of anything from strictly observations to a combination of observation and interaction with students. Practicum experiences involve more student interaction and classroom responsibility. Practicums are typically  closely supervised and help prepare you for student-teaching experiences.


You’ll complete two seven-week student-teaching experiences, one in grades 1-3 and one in grades 4-6. One placement is in a general-education classroom, with the other focusing on special education.


Candidates are placed in urban, suburban and rural school districts across their field experiences and student teaching placements.  You’ll receive constructive feedback and supportive coaching through the process.

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