December Nursing Grads Receive Multiple Job Offers

Hayley Fenton received three job offers in her final semester of the Nursing bachelor’s degree program at Russell Sage College; Janella Benn and Praescilla Daquin both received two job offers. 

High nationwide demand for registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree and Sage’s excellent reputation for nursing education means that Nursing majors who want to get a head start on their job search almost always find a position they are excited about before graduation, said Katie Smith, associate director of Sage’s Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program

Hayley, Janella and Praescilla were all part of CSTEP,  which is sponsored by the New York State Department of Education. CSTEP provides paid research experiences and internships, tutoring, prep for licensing exams and more to underrepresented and economically disadvantaged college students in science majors or professional programs. 

The three graduates agree that support from CSTEP and Sage’s Nursing faculty combined with exceptional capstone clinical experiences have prepared them to begin their careers with confidence. 

Hayley and Janella will join units in local hospitals where they had clinical experiences; Praescilla accepted a position in her hometown of Binghamton, New York.

Typically, Nursing students work one-on-one alongside an experienced nurse, known as a preceptor, during a capstone.

“My nurse made sure that by the end of it, I was able to take on her full caseload. It prepared me very well. I know I can do it,” said Hayley, who accepted a position on that medical-surgical floor at a local hospital. 

In addition to specific Nursing skills, Hayley said her classes and professors helped her confidently negotiate among her three job offers. 

Janella had a great clinical experience on a postpartum unit. She’s excited to return to the same unit later this year as a professional nurse.

“I love the aspect of educating and teaching a new mother,” said Janella. “I love teaching her to care for herself and her newborn and to be healthy.”

She said her new position will also allow her to cross train on the neonatal intensive care unit, which is why she chose it from two different job offers.

While Praescilla will begin her career on a Hold and Observation unit in her hometown, she also valued her clinical experience on an orthopedic unit at a local hospital. 

“My preceptor was phenomenal,” she said. “She was patient with my questions and would really break things down for me. I learned a lot from her.” 

Praescilla said her Nursing instructors combined with the leadership roles she found through CSTEP and student government have made her think she might like to return to school to become a nurse administrator or nurse educator later in her career.

Hayley, Janella and Praescilla completed their Nursing degree requirements in December 2022 and will take the NCLEX licensing exam in early 2023.

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