About Angela Aguiar

Angela Aguiar had always been interested in eating for health and energy, but watching two children struggle to keep up with their friends on a playground inspired her to turn her interest into a career. 

She earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and gained professional experience in a variety of roles — but her goal was always to earn her RD credential. 

She is almost there, thanks to Russell Sage College’s Dietetic Internship program.  

“I needed to be able to complete an internship that was structured specifically for my needs,” said Angela, a school district food service director and mom of two. 

Sage’s part-time, distance Dietetic Internship was exactly what she was looking for.  

Angela completed fieldwork in a hospital, a long-term nursing facility, and a local health department and aging program and also spent time with an RDN in private practice.

“I had fantastic preceptors within each of my rotations,” she said. 

She also expressed appreciation for Sage’s Nutrition Science faculty and the flexibility they extended as Angela juggled graduate school, a full-time job and parenting during the Covid pandemic. 

“Professor Morgan and her staff continuously supported and helped me stay focused when times were tough,” she said. “Her positivity and willingness to help however necessary was a big part of my success.” 

Angela is preparing to take the RD exam this spring. This summer, she’ll begin Sage’s online Applied Nutrition master’s program. 

“My Sage education will help me achieve my final goal of becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist,” said Angela.”This credential will one day give me the opportunity to increase my salary and give me more of an opportunity to educate and help others in the field of nutrition with the title that I have worked hard to earn!”