About Ariannah Logan

Being honest with ourselves can sometimes be remarkably difficult.

Take the case of Ariannah Logan. As a first-year student at Sage, she signed on as a Biology major, putting herself on track to becoming a physical therapist. She was doing what she wanted to do… Or was she?

The truth was that for as long as she could remember, Ariannah had wanted to be a teacher. But teachers, people said, weren’t paid very well. Teachers, people sometimes said with a smirk, worked short days and took summers off.

So, Ariannah, who’d always been a hard worker and good at what she did, decided to go in another direction. Until she realized she just couldn’t. 

And, to her great relief, both her parents and Sage could not have been more supportive. “It didn’t become a hassle at all.”

Today, Ariannah is a first grade teacher, and, she says, “I can tell you this profession is hard. Teachers are so dedicated. People have no idea about all the work involved. You never leave this job.”

She also says it provides its own special rewards. “I’m changing lives.”

Ariannah gives the Childhood Education program a lot of credit for making her well prepared for this demanding career. “I still remember and use so much of what I learned at Sage.”

She’s back now getting her master’s. “I know from experience, if you’re willing to work hard, there are people who are ready to help, ready to keep encouraging you. You’ll get there.”

Ariannah’s memories of college are certainly not limited to the classroom. She was once a soccer recruit and her experience as a team member, “I truly loved.” 

She was clear about that from the start. The teaching part, well, that took a little longer to become clear. But she sees it now as her life-long vocation.

“I still remember and use so much of what I learned at Sage.”

Ariannah Logan