About Lauryn Goldstein

When Lauryn Goldstein was looking for an MBA program, she had two primary concerns — she wanted to get plugged into the business world, and she “didn’t want to be a needle in a haystack at a big university.”

Sage seemed just the right place for her then, and she believes that more than ever now. 

“Each professor was extremely passionate, and every class tied into the next,” Lauryn says. “This helped me to understand the greater picture in business. Sage exceeded all expectations. Whether the class size was four students or 25, I knew my perspective, opinion and professional development and success mattered.” 

This all translated into Lauryn’s quick success in jumping into the job world. After earning her MBA, she started as a human resources coordinator at Ralph Lauren in New York City, then moved on to become a talent acquisition coordinator. Today, she’s a compensation and benefits coordinator at Louis Vuitton.

Lauryn believes this real world success came as the result of the Sage MBA program’s real world advantages. She was provided mentoring opportunities, plus there was the work-life balance of day, night, online, weekend and summer courses. She experienced practical learning through case studies, lively classroom discussions, and working with local businesses. She was also able to hold a part-time job.

“I loved the Sage MBA program,” Lauryn says. “It was the perfect combination of strategic leadership, economics and finance, and my specialty field of human resources. I also appreciated how what I was learning in class was applicable to my job at the time. I just knew the program was practical, and that it was going to help me in my life after Sage.” 

Lauryn also appreciated how Sage welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. “I believe your most memorable learning moments come from your peers,” she says. “Learning from diverse perspectives makes the experience that much more worthwhile. It’s the knowledge, life skills, and the network of people that you hold onto afterwards that make your education worth the investment.”

“I loved the Sage MBA program. It was the perfect combination of strategic leadership, economics and finance, and my specialty field of human resources.” 

Lauryn Goldstein , MBA