Diversity Resources

General Diversity Resources 


Diversity is a great resource that provides information for jobs that are specifically looking for diverse individuals to hire.

Diversity Inc.

DiversityInc is a resource that offers career advice and updated information for diverse individuals.

Ethnic/Racial Minority

African American Resources:

Black EOE Journal 

Black EOE Journal is a resource that provides advice on employment, education and other opportunities available.


BlackwOrld provides updated news, information on jobs, business and finance, and entertainment.

Asian-American Resources: 

GoldSea Careers

GoldSea Careers provides information on choosing a career, popular careers, tips on searching for careers, and interviewing.

Asia Media

AsiaMedia is a resource that has career information listed and provides links to upload your resume and receive career information through e-mail.



HACE allows individuals to search career opportunities that they wish to pursue.


Latpro is a website that provides opportunities for individuals to explore jobs that are dedicated to hiring diverse individuals.

Hispanic Outlook

Hispanic Outlook is geared towards helping those who would like achieve a career in higher education.

Native American: 

Native American Jobs

Native American Jobs features job opportunities and has resource links that are beneficial to this population.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

American Indian Science and Engineering Society offers information on various career, scholarship, and internship opportunities.

Other Resources:

·      Black and Latin Student Alliance (BLSA)

·      Muslim Student Association

·      Native American Daughters In Education (N.A.D.I.E.)

·      U.S. Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission 


Women for Hire

Women for hire offers updated career advice for women and tips to find a job and advance within that job.

United States Department of Labor Women's Bureau

United States Department of Labor Women’s Bureau provides information on women’s rights at work and offers data and statistics on working women.

Women in Business and Industry

Women in Business and Industry provides resources for women looking for career opportunities and guidance in the workplace.

Other Resources:

·      U.S. Department of Labor – Women’s Bureau

·      U.S. Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission

·      Upton Center at Russell Sage College

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Students (LGBTQ) 

Out and Equal

Out and Equal is a resource that offers career links and ways to advocate for yourself in the workplace.

Out Professionals

Out Professionals is a networking organization that offers information to individuals pursuing a career.

Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign works towards equal rights and provides updated information on legislation that impacts the workplace, benefits in the workplace, and how to advocate in the workplace. 

Other Resources:

·      Human Rights Campaign – Workplace

·      U.S. Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission

·      HEART Club on Campus 

Students with Disabilities 

Ask Jan

Ask Jan offers guidance on accommodations that exist for this population and employment issues.


Expandability assists individuals with finding employment and offers information on available workshops.

COSD Online

COSD provides information on ways that students can explore job opportunities that may be meaningful to them.

Other Resources:

·      Americans with Disabilities Act

·      U.S. Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission

·      Office of Disability Services on Campus

·      The War Healing Circle at Albany


Military Times Jobs

Military Times lists jobs that are available that those who have come out of the military and may be interested in applying for.

Military.com Monster

Military.com Monster is an excellent resource that provides the opportunity for those who have served in the military to input their job from the military and then find a job that encompasses the relevant skills gained from that service.

VA Jobs

Through the VA there are several sources where you can explore careers, internships and learn more about career exploration.

Other Resources:

·      U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

·      GI Bill

·      National Association of Veterans Upward Bound

·      Veterans Resources on Campus