Photography Services

The Office of Communications and Public Relations has an in-house Staff photographer. Submit requests for coverage of your event or photos of employees via our online Project Request Form.

Photo Sharing

The Office of Comm & PR utilizes Flickr and Shutterfly to share select photo albums from campus events, so that the photos are easily available for downloading or making prints or photo albums.


Shutterfly Photo Share
Visit The Sage Colleges Shutterfly Photo Share site »

*Note: in order to download, print, or save photos you will have to sign up for a Shutterfly account or log in to an existing account and click the "Become a Member" link in the top right.

Photo Usage Policy

The Sage Colleges reserves the right to use photograph(s), video(s) and soundbite(s), taken of or obtained from people/students on campus and/or at college-sponsored events for the purpose of promoting, publicizing, recruiting or public relations involving the colleges. This could be in the form of print or electronic media, which includes but is not limited to such things as the web site, college publications (printed admission packages, brochures, magazines, catalogues, video productions, television/radio broadcasts, newspapers, newsletters, social media, etc.) and/or fundraising publications for college clubs or organizations.

Upon arrival on Sage's campuses, people give their implied consent to the college to use these materials in any lawful purpose as detailed above. Photograph(s) and video footage may be obtained from both informal and formal settings. All negatives, positives, prints, digital image files and raw footage are the property of The Sage Colleges. If anyone wishes to withdraw his or her consent to the College for photography or videography usage, he or she may contact the Communications and Public Relations office at 518-244-2246.

Photo Credits
In general, the web site and most publications do not include credits. When credits are used in College publications, however, photo credits to individual photographers will be included in the form of "Name of Photographer." When photos are supplied to external organizations, photo credits will be included in the form of "The Sage Colleges/Name of Photographer."

Photographs of minor visitors to campus, such as elementary students, summer campers, and those planning on attending non-Sage sponsored events held on campus should not include identifying information, including name or hometown. Written parental permission is required before using photography that includes identifying information, such as name or hometown. For students attending programs on campus with their school, a photo permission signed for the school is sufficient.