Tornado/Earthquake/Severe Weather

In the case of a Tornado/Earthquake/Severe Weather emergency, please follow these basic guidelines:

  1. If you sight or experience a tornado, earthquake or other form of severe weather, contact Public Safety immediately at x3177.
  2. Know the difference between a Tornado/severe weather watch and a Tornado/severe weather warning. A Tornado/severe weather watch means tornadoes or severe weather are likely to develop. A Tornado/severe weather warning means that a tornado or severe weather has been spotted in your area. Immediate action is required.
  3. Move immediately to the lowest level and an interior hallway of the building.
  4. Stay away from windows and areas with a large expanse of glass.
  5. Stay away from shelving or items mounted on a wall.
  6. Avoid gymnasiums, auditoriums and other large rooms with free-span roofs.
  7. Do not use elevators.
  8. Assist the injured or disabled to a safe location.
  9. Protect your head and face. If possible, get under a sturdy table, desk or other structure.