Affordable Quality Education

100% Affordable

The Sage Colleges is committed to making a quality education affordable. There's no guesswork on the part of students or parents with Sage. Students and parents receive one-on-one counseling sessions with an aid administrator that include a full review of financial aid, price and cost focused on sustaining affordability. 

At Sage... it's personal.

Please download our Financial Aid Guidebook to help answer some of those tough questions about financial aid.

View and Accept your Financial Aid award letter online through SageAdvisor!

Tuition Rewards Scholarships

By making deposits or investments with participating banks and financial institutions, family members can earn "points" (similar to frequent flyer points) to provide family members undergraduate scholarships to The Sage Colleges for up to $27,000, spread evenly over four undergraduate years. The Tuition Rewards program is coordinated nationally by the independent organization: Savings and Growth for Education (SAGE). Click here for more detailed information.