Continuing VA Students

Continuing Students are asked to contact the VA Certifying Official immediately when they have registered for classes not only for the FALL and SPRING semesters but if they are planning on taking any SUMMER classes as well!

Certification of Enrollment

For all chapter benefits (with the exception of Chapter 31) the VA Certifying official at The Sage Colleges must notify the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) of your enrollment each semester. It is your responsibility to contact our office at which time you are fully registered for a term. Your enrollment will be certified with the DVA shortly thereafter. IMPORTANT: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THE VA CERTIFYING OFFICIAL WHEN WITHDRAWING OR ADDING A COURSE. You can stop at our office and bring a copy of your official withdrawal showing the date(s) of withdrawal. Also if you plan on attending SUMMER courses, you need to contact the VA Certifying official as well, [email protected].

Any questions please visit