About Hayden Crandall 

Recent graduate Hayden Crandall wanted a career that would allow her to make personal connections with others and have a positive impact on their lives — but she also wanted help narrowing down this broad goal.

Russell Sage College’s Career and Self Discovery Center was there for her.

The center connected Hayden with Sage alumni in human services and other helping professions. They spoke to her about their work and helped her consider what kinds of positions would be a good fit. 

The Career Center has a library of online career resources that Hayden regularly accessed, and it helped her identify a part-time opportunity where she could build her resume while she completed her dual Sociology degree and Psychology degree

Hayden explained that as a December 2022 graduate, she was at a different point in her job search than some of her friends, which made it harder to know what she “should” be doing. 

That’s why she also appreciated being able to work one-on-one with center’s associate director Kate Proctor.

“Having Kate’s help and the Career and Self Discovery Center resources, I felt more supported and excited as I searched for a new job and settled into life after undergrad,” she said. “She gave me advice on how to keep an organized record throughout my search, told me how I could tweak my resume depending on the job application, offered to connect me with various people and instilled confidence that things would work out.” 

Now, Hayden is a therapeutic activities aide at the Vermont Veterans’ Home.

“The home was established in 1884 and it provides a range of health care services to veterans and their spouses,” she said. “I am responsible for encouraging their involvement and facilitating activities, like newspaper socials, exercise groups and card games. These activities help to promote their independence and they allow the veterans to stay active.”

Hayden uses what she learned about power and privilege, PTSD, development across the lifespan and the specific needs of elders in her Psychology and Sociology classes to help her connect and empathize with the Veterans’ Home’s residents. 

She also regularly draws on the event planning and communication skills she developed as a student-ambassador for The Women’s Institute at Russell Sage College and as a volunteer for the Intercultural Café on Sage’s campuses (The cafe provides conversation practice for English-language learners from the community.) 

“It has been fun getting to know the veterans and hearing the stories of the incredibly brave and long lives they’ve led,” Hayden said. 

While she’s considering an eventual master’s degree in community psychology or social work, she’s excited to have found a great starting point for her career with the assistance of the Career and Self-Discovery Center.

“Working with the senior population is one of my passions, and I want to continue exploring this path,” she said. “The Career Center is there to help students, so take advantage of your resources and set yourself up for success!” 

“Career Planning is there to help students, so take advantage of your resources and set yourself up for success!” 

Hayden Crandall