About Majd Jauhary-Nayfeh

“My mother was an avid reader of nutrition books and my father, being a chemist, would always explain the process of cooking in terms of chemical reactions,” said Majd Jauhary-Nayfeh. “Such an environment established my first love for science and nutrition.”

Today, Majd works at a local community agency, managing Nourish New York-funded projects that address food insecurity.

She is also pursuing a master’s degree and Registered Dietitian credential through Russell Sage College’s Applied Nutrition master’s degree and Dietetic Internship programs

She said the online, asynchronous format of the Applied Nutrition master’s degree attracted her and makes it easier to juggle work, parenting and graduate school. 

In addition, a big focus of the program is on research and incorporating epidemiology,” she said. 

She specifically mentioned classes with Samara Nielsen, Ph.D., M.Div., and Kameron Rowe, MS, RDN, CDN, that convey the latest research in a constantly evolving field, then added,  “Each professor that I have had the privilege of learning from contributed tremendously towards my dietetic information and skills.” 

The knowledge and experience in research, clinical and public health nutrition that she is gaining will “propel my career,” Majd said.