How To Enroll in an Internship for Credit

1) Consult with your Faculty Advisor well in advance of the term you would like to complete your internship experience. Your Faculty Advisor will discuss your career goals and review your academic record to determine if you are eligible.

2) Visit the Career Planning Center to update your resume and cover letters and to practice interview skills. For fall internships, this process should occur at the beginning of the spring semester prior to beginning work and for spring internships, it should take place during the preceding fall term. Advance planning is vital.
The Student is ultimately responsible for finding his/her own internship opportunity. See below for ways to get an internship:

  • Visit the Career Planning Center to research and apply for internships that the College has already developed.
  • Speak with your current and previous professors. Many faculty have valuable professional contacts.
  • Student creates and sets up the internship. Research websites of organizations you are interested in or check with family, neighbors and friends regarding internships with their employer.

3) Once you identify internship sites, you must consult with your Faculty Advisor before applying for positions. Your Faculty Advisor has final determination in whether or not the internship sites you are interested in are approved for academic credit.

4) When your Faculty Advisor approves of your internship site, you will need to complete the Internship Registration form by the add/drop deadline. This form serves as a "learning contract" between the student, faculty advisor, faculty sponsor and internship supervisor.


Internship Registration Form
Field Supervisor Evaluation Form
Student Evaluation Form