Nutrition graduate student Majd Jauhary-Nayfeh and Samara Joy Nielsen with their poster at the FNCE conference.
Majd Jauhary-Nayfeh (right) with former professor and advisor Samara Joy Nielsen.

Majd Jauhary-Nayfeh, a graduate student in Russell Sage College’s Applied Nutrition master’s degree and Dietetic Internship programs, presented research at the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo in Orlando in October 2022. Sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, FNCE is the world’s largest meeting of food and nutrition experts.

Jauhary-Nayfeh presented a poster, “The Association between Omega-3 Consumption from Seafood and CRP Levels, 2015-2018,” with Pepsico principal scientist Samara Joy Nielsen, Ph.D., M.Div. (Nielsen was previously a Nutrition faculty member at Sage.)

Jauhary-Nayfeh said that the research she conducted with her former professor and advisor showed that consuming omega-3 fatty acids in seafood and tree nuts has a statistically significant correlation with lower levels of C-reactive protein, even when controlling for age and other factors. (High CRP levels are a marker for high inflammation, and high inflammation can lead to health problems.) 

The two previously collaborated on “Simulating Changes in Sodium and Potassium Within Manufactured Foods in the U.S.,” which Jauhary-Nayfeh spoke on at the National Nutrient Databank Conference in May, and which is forthcoming in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis

Jauhary-Nayfeh will complete her master’s degree and Dietetic Internship (required for the Registered Dietitian credential) in June. 

She is considering pursuing positions in clinical or policy-making settings and said that in either case, her research background will be valuable as she helps individual clients or the community at large achieve desired outcomes. 

“A huge part of nutrition and being a dietitian is research,” said Jauhary-Nayfeh, “and the graduate Nutrition program at Sage gives you the experience and education to interpret and apply research.”   

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