Shape Lives with a Degree in English and Childhood Education

By completing a liberal arts major in English and a Childhood Education degree, you’ll be ready to be certified by New York State in teaching grades 1-6.


Our English and Childhood Education major will prepare you to enter the field of education with both pedagogical and practical experience.

By completing this English for Childhood Education program in conjunction with Sage’s Childhood Education degree, you’ll be ready to be certified by New York State in teaching grades 1-6.

You will take a rich variety of classes from the Childhood Education and English, Writing & Culture programs that will prepare you to become a transformative educator.

Your English classes will include not only on British and American literature, but lesser-heard voices, including courses on Native American literature, African-American literature, Post-Colonial literature and women writers.

More Opportunities for English Majors

English, Writing and Culture

Russell Sage College offers a bachelor’s degree in English, Writing and Culture for students interested in traditional literary studies, cultural studies and all types of writing.

English Minor

An 18-credit English minor pairs with almost any undergraduate degree, allowing you to develop enhanced communication, reading and writing skills, which will serve you well in whatever profession you choose.

English/Health Sciences Pathway

Learning to read, listen and think critically is essential to being able to help others in the health-care setting.


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Your Future with a Degree in English and Childhood Education

Recent graduates of Russell Sage College’s English and Education programs are classroom teachers, literacy specialists and instructors at developmental reading and writing programs across New York’s Capital Region and throughout New York state.

Initial Teaching Certification in New York State

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English and Childhood Education, you’ll be able to apply for teaching positions. You’ll also have to sit for a series of tests and obtain a master’s degree.


Graduate Studies with a Degree in English and Childhood Education

A graduate program at Russell Sage College’s Esteves School of Education is the next step for many English and Childhood Education majors with initial certification.

Programs include:

Art Education (MAT)

School Health Education (MS)

Special Education (MSEd)

Literacy Education (MSEd)

Literacy/Special Education (MS)

Professional School Counseling (MS)

Student Teaching

Undergraduate Education courses include fieldwork and practicum experiences in school settings. Fieldwork can consist of anything from strictly observations to a combination of observation and interaction with students. Practicum experiences involve more student interaction and classroom responsibility. Practicums are typically closely supervised and help prepare you for student-teaching experiences.


You’ll complete two seven-week student-teaching experiences, one in grades 1-3 and one in grades 4-6. One placement is in a general-education classroom, with the other focusing on special education.


Candidates are placed in urban, suburban and rural school districts across their field experiences and student teaching placements. You’ll receive constructive feedback and supportive coaching through the process.


Russell Sage College has a vibrant literary community that’s easy to get involved in. Publications such as “The Rev” allow students to create and share their work. Community dinners, visiting writers and poetry open-mic events allow you to spend time outside the classroom with other students in the English major.

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