Announcements regarding delays, cancellations and closures will be made via:

  • Send Word Now, the college’s emergency notification system 
  • Global email notifications
  • TV: Channels 6, 9, 10 and 13
  • Radio: WGY (810 AM), WFLY (92.3 FM), WYJB (95.5 FM), WRVE (99.5 FM)
  • The Sage portal at 
  • Facebook and Twitter and on the alert banner on

Delays, Class Cancellations, and College Closure

Following are possible actions that Sage could take in case of inclement weather or other emergency:

  • College Opening is Delayed 
    • Staff and administrators are expected to report at the delayed opening hour indicated. 
    • Classes scheduled to begin prior to the delayed opening hour will not be held.
    • Students and faculty are expected to meet for classes held at or after the hour of campus opening.
  • Classes Cancelled 
    • An announcement that classes have been cancelled means that students and faculty do not attend classes, but administrative offices are open, and staff and administrators are expected to report to work at the usual time. The cancellation of day classes does not automatically mean that evening or weekend classes and events or activities are also cancelled.  When this is the case, every effort will be made to post a separate message before 3 p.m., however the rapid change in a situation may require a later cancellation time. Check TV and radio stations or for updates.
  • Campus Closed 
    • All classes are cancelled and offices are closed. 
    • Personnel designated as essential are expected to report for their usual shift and residence dining services will be provided.
  • Note: The College will only be closed in extreme circumstances. These may require closing after classes have begun for the day. Students, faculty, staff and administrators will be notified of the closing time via Send Word Now and

Parking and Snow Removal

Announcements related to changes to parking regulations to facilitate snow removal will be made via:

Safety First

All members of the Sage community are encouraged to exercise their own judgment regarding their ability to safely get to and from the Sage campuses. Sage strives to remain open and accessible as consistently as possible but does not wish anyone to put themselves at risk needlessly.