Our job is to remedy the effects of any sex or gender discrimination you experience.

  1. Sage’s Title IX process is prompt, often completed within 60 days.
  2. It is fair to all parties.
  3. It uses the preponderance of evidence standard (whether a policy violation is more likely than not).
  4. It is confidential.
  5. All Title IX administrators are comprehensively trained in Title IX compliance.
  6. The College’s process is compliant with federal and state law.
  7. You can have any advisor of your choosing to accompany you throughout the process.
  8. A wide range of interim measures are available to protect you, upon request.
  9. Serious sanctions are imposed for serious misconduct.
  10. We respect you, and you will feel that respect in how we treat you throughout the resolution process.

To learn more about Title IX, contact:

Title IX Coordinator and EEO Specialist